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Prof. Oscar D'Agnone, MD, MRCPsych

Prof. Oscar D’Agnone, MD, MRCPsych

This article is written by Professor Oscar D’Agnone, the Director of EuroDetox for the publication Drugs & Alcohol Today.

It’s aim is to address the growing problem of unclassified and so called “Legal Highs” and to bring about much more awareness of their dangers and untested toxicity.

EuroDetox is helping people with alcohol and narcotic challenges across Europe and the Middle East find a medical solution to their problem, ideally before it becomes too life threatening, and therefore helping residents of Europe and beyond recover permanently before they cause them selves any permanent damage. Unfortunately, all too often we have clients who have already caused themselves irreparable damage.

We hope that this article will raise further awareness of the solutions that EuroDetox can offer in batting addictions.

NPS D&AToday article Oscar DAgnone

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